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Three-section Trekking Pole Lightweight And Convenient Telescopic Climbing Stick Trekking Cane Trekking Pole CQBHT36XE

Product Code: CQBHT36XE
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  • Design: It has the characteristics of light weight and anti-corrosion, and is better adapted to various hiking environments. It is more resistant to pressure and shock than carbon fiber.

  • sturdy and durable: sturdy crutches sturdy aluminum shaft can withstand more pressure and impact than carbon fiber, weight difference for hiking, backpacking, hiking, hiking, running in the rough terrain and support is heavier Weight is vital

  • anti-seismic: shock absorption effect can greatly reduce the damage caused by impact, foam handle - soft and comfortable, can absorb sweaty moisture, very comfortable to hold

  • Suitable for men and women of all heights and sizes: collapsible telescopic telescopic rod, shock-proof twist switch function makes wrist and knee easier

  • mainly used for multi-terrain: the upgraded trekking pole tip will consume more material and is more wear-resistant. Enhance balance, stability and endurance and explore the beauty of nature!

  • Your best companion: They are both stylish and sturdy, perfect for day trips or long journeys. Trekking poles can reduce the impact on the ankles and knees. Whether it39;s a day of hiking or a week of hiking, ski poles will help you with endurance and balance. A soft wrist strap and an extended soft foam handle provide a comfortable all-day hiking experience. Portable size easy to put in a backpack or suitcase
    Why do you need a trekking pole?
    Stability - equipped with heavy duty backpack! The increased weight of the backpack will make you lose balance and the walking stick will help you rebalance.
    Balance - Walking through these beautiful streams on smooth rocks can be tricky, and hiking poles can keep you upright.
    Assist in climbing - steep hillsides? The trekking poles are fine up or down. Use them to help yourself stand up when going up the mountain. When going down the mountain, support yourself with a pole and ease the drop.
    Reduce strain - Research shows that trekking poles can reduce knee strain!
    Exercise - Using a walking stick can help increase the upper body movement to burn more calories, but you have less exercise.
    Comfort grip:
    The cork handle absorbs shock and vibration and will adapt to the unique shape of your hand over time. As an added bonus, it has the characteristics of moisture wicking, absorbs sweat, eliminates odor and keeps hands dry.
    Belt with enhanced grip:
    It features an adjustable wrist strap that enhances grip and reduces hand fatigue during sudden changes in bends and terrain. For proper use, place your hand in the belt from below and place it between your thumb and forefinger
    Adjustable height:
    The height-adjustable feature allows you to shorten the height when you are going uphill and the height when you are downhill. Durable aluminum flip lock system quickly adjusts height in seconds even with gloves
    Weight is important Safe and durable locki

    Three-section Trekking Pole Lightweight And Convenient Telescopic Climbing Stick Trekking Cane Trekking Pole CQBHT36XE